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Exhibition report丨Ada smart equipment shines at K-Print 2023 International Printing Exhibition in South Korea

发布时间:2023-11-30 10:27:14



From August 23 to 26, 2023, Aida (Guangdong) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ada") brought a series of RFID smart devices and label products to the 2023 Korean Packaging and Printing Exhibition K-Print.

Exhibition Site

There was an endless stream of Ada booths at the exhibition. We felt the enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate with colleagues from all over the world in the industry. We look forward to colliding with more sparks through in-depth exchanges with industry experts and industry colleagues. At the same time, we also learned about global packaging through the exhibition. and the market development trend of growing demand in the printing field.

As a company that has focused on RFID equipment manufacturing, development and project implementation for many years, Aida will seize opportunities, keep up with market demand, invest in product research and development, and inject sustainable power into the strong development of the RFID industry.

Exhibit Display

At our booth, we displayed a variety of RFID smart devices, including:

• Multiple RFID tag composite equipment (A7000P, A8000, A5000)

• Multifunctional RFID coding machine (RF300)

•J1000 visual inspection machine

• Label personalized code writing review system based on barcode printer

• RFID channel machine

• Intelligent door channel machine

• All-in-one machine for high-speed tag encoding, UV digital printing, AI quality inspection, and defective product rejection

• Roll label high-speed encoding, color digital printing, AI quality inspection, defective product marking all-in-one machine


Among them, the RFID tag composite equipment independently developed by Aida has an advanced motion control system, which can better realize the registration requirements and accuracy between inlay, top paper and bottom paper, solve many technical problems in this field, and control accuracy. Reach the international leading level.

The equipment is simple and flexible to operate, has a modular design, and has the characteristics of fast production speed and flexibility. At the same time, multiple processes are concentrated on one platform, such as inlay waste removal, multi-layer lamination, gluing, die-cutting, finished product testing, etc., and the line changeover time of different products is fast, the production is stable, and the quality is excellent, which can meet the needs of various RFID tags. Product production complex requirements.